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Wonderland uses the amazing SunFX Organic Spray Tanning system.  SunFX is the fastest, healthiest way to get the perfect all over tan.  It is NOT like mystic tan or any other airbrush system.  SunFX is actually working with everyone’s own skin pigmentation so it tans everyone to THEIR natural color (guaranteed to never turn orange or yellow).  



Full Body  $80

Legs only  $25

Face only  $15

Package of 3 Full Body sessions  $200(regular price $240)



What is the SunFX system?

The SunFX Spray Tanning System is an award winning, purpose built system that replaces the ageing, messy and fiddly air-brush systems of the past. Designed specifically for the beauty industry, the SunFX system is the No. 1 spray tanning system in the world today.


How is SunFX different from other systems?

Unlike other spray tanning systems in the market, the SunFX system has been purpose built for the application of spray on tans. Incorporating small, quiet electric turbines that emit a consistent flow of high velocity air, quickly and accurately applying a full body spray tan has never been so easy. The  SunFX Pro Spray Applicator emits a constant flow of air around the tanning spray, reducing over-spray and allowing for a ‘dry as you go’ application.


How good are the results of a SunFX spray tan?

SunFX spray tans create a beautifully natural looking tan on virtually all skin types.  Because it is applied in a controlled environment, by a trained professional, SunFX spray tans typically produce results far superior to sun and/or solarium exposure.  It can be almost impossible to tell a SunFX tan from a natural tan.


How fast is the SunFX system?

Incredibly fast is the only way to describe  our tanning systems.  On average a full body spray tan will take no  longer than 15 minutes, including drying time.  Compare this to the old air-brush systems that can take as long as 30 minutes and you can see why busy clients and busy salons alike are all raving about the SunFX tanning systems.


How should I prepare for their spray tan sessions?

Clients should cleanse and exfoliate their bodies with SunFX Body Polish.  This will remove dead skin cells that would otherwise result in the premature  fading of their SunFX tan. Ideally exfoliation should take place the night before their tanning appointment.  Clients should not wear too much makeup to their appointment.  Moisturizers and deodorants can reduce the effectiveness of the tanning solution and should therefore also be avoided where possible.


What should I wear when I go to Dermascience on the day of my appointment?

Although you will leave feeling dry after the application, it is best to recommend that you wear loose fitting, dark colored  clothing. Typically SunFX tanning solutions will not stain clothing, and  any rub off will wash out easily. However staining has been known to occur on some lighter leathers, acrylic or other sensitive fabrics, so these should therefore be avoided.


What if anything should I avoid after receiving my SunFX tan?

Your SunFX spray tan will continue to develop for 2 – 3 hours after application.  However for best results, it is advisable that you avoid the following  activities for at least 5 hours after they receive your spray on tan:  (1) Water, (2) Saunas/Spas, (3) Physical Exercise/Sweating, (4)  Swimming, and (5) Tight Fitting Clothing.


How long does a SunFX spray tan last?

While results can vary depending on  the individual and the activities they undertake, most people can expect their SunFX tan to last for somewhere between 5 to 7 days.  Depending on the clients’ skin type and pre-tan preparation some people still have a healthy, natural looking tan up to 10 days after application. The life of the tan can of course be greatly extended by the use of special SunFX tan extenders available here at Dermascience.


How can I extend the life of my SunFX Organic Spray Tan?

Avoiding excessive exposure to water and obviously avoiding any form of exfoliation will help to extend the life of a SunFX spray tan. But your tan can be further extended by the use of SunFX Body Lotion Tan Extender, SunFX Summer’s Secret or SunFX Body Butter. You can even extend and highlight their tan through the use of our gorgeous SunFX Body Shimmer.


Are SunFX Solutions safe to use?

SunFX solutions are regarded as some of the finest in the world. The unique combination of natural bronzers, highly purified water (aqua) and the approved cosmetic tanning agent DHA  produce a truly remarkable tanning result. You can be assured that  SunFX tanning solutions contain no alcohol, oils, perfumes, parabens or  artificial preservatives.


Are SunFX spray tans suitable for pregnant women?

Although SunFX tanning  solutions are 100% all natural, we do not recommend that women receive a SunFX spray tan while pregnant. A more suitable alternative for pregnant women wanting a tan would be to use the SunFX Summers Secret tan builder in conjunction with SunFX tan extenders.


Are SunFX tanning solutions really all natural?

Yes, and they have been since 1999. In that year, after extensive research and numerous trials, SunFX released their new all natural spray tanning solutions, which proved to be an instant worldwide hit. Today, SunFX continues to produce 100% all natural tanning solutions, making their solutions quite unique in the worldwide spray tanning market. Their tanning solutions contain no alcohols, perfumes, oils, parabens or artificial preservatives. They source only the best all natural ingredients in addition to purifying their own water to ensure that SunFX solutions remain the purest in the world. In addition to this, the DHA used in the SunFX range of solutions has the highest purity rating in the world. So as you can see, SunFX tanning solutions are the only choice for leading salons and day spas.


Do I still need to apply sunscreen after a SunFX spray on tan?

Yes you do. SunFX tanning solutions do not provide any useful protection against harmful UV rays. We recommend that people should apply an approved SPF 30+ sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, with additional  applications every 30 minutes or so, depending on their level of  activity.

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