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  • Safe & effective treatment for hair loss without the use of drugs or surgery.

  • Clinically-proven results in new hair growth

  • Helps reduce shedding & promotes thicker, fuller, shinier hair

  • Helps reverse the negative effects of chemical hair dye/color and perms

  • Can be used by men and women with all hair types

  • Discreet, portable & convenient for home, office, or travel

  • Wear under any hat while you do other activities

  • Compatible with other hair treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride

  • Requires no weekly trips back to the doctor's office


CALL US TO BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION SESSION (604.276.4568) which includes an in-depth hair analysis using the latest digital microscopic camera (you will actually see on the screen what your scalp and hair condition looks like)

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