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As we age, our skin reflects the damage from Sun exposure, environmental toxins and the loss of elasticity. The discoloration and loss of smooth texture prevent us from looking young.


Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa in Surrey, BC offers numerous forms of laser therapy to reverse the signs of ageing. 


Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa has different forms of laser therapy to achieve anti-aging benefits in all skin types.

For the discoloration, fine lines, and increased pore size of aging skin, we generally prefer Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa’s gentler anti-aging lasers. We will often utilize an Impulse Light laser (IPL) with which we can target the specific concerns of Red or Brown discoloration. It is the ability to specifically target the Red of capillaries and diffuse redness of Rosacea that makes it one of our preferred treatments. Previous sun damage will often result in brown lesions often many years after the sun exposure. It will often be more prominent on sun-exposed areas on the forehead, cheeks, and chest. Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa’s state of the art IPL laser therapy can select the appropriate wavelength for the age-related spot, whether it is a red or brown lesion.


For improvement of fine lines, texture, scars, and pore size we often utilize our Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis is a soothing treatment that leaves one’s skin feeling much more youthful after just a couple of treatments. It is not unusual for Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa’s Surrey clientele to fall asleep during this laser therapy. Laser Genesis is safe on all skin types, and is therefore part of our treatment protocol for the treatment of Melasma (the darkening of Cheeks often secondary to pregnancy and/or sun exposure). Our laser head is not only for anti-aging purposes, but is also the laser used to treat fungal infections of the nails.


For single Red or Brown lesions Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa will occasionally use the Accutip laser therapy, which is extremely effective for pinpoint aging symptoms.


There is absolutely no downtime with IPL, Laser Genesis, or the Accutip laser therapy.Please book a meeting with a member of our knowledgeable staff to determine whichLaser therapy is most appropriate for your anti-ageing concerns, and to look your best at any age.


Consultations are complimentary at Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa

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