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Beauty Model

Beauty Model

Loft Apartment Interior

Loft Apartment Interior

Non-Invasive Laser Therapies to Promote Looking Young & Healthy



Wonderland Beauty Laser Spa is  devoted to maintaining and enhancing the health and beauty of skin. As a centre for skincare and laser hair removal ,Light & Heat Energy laser mistral technology skin phototherapy solutions combine both light and thermal energies so the total intensity it utilizes is low in comparison to other technologies. In other words, laser achieves excellent results at a low fluence, making  the safest technology in the market. There is no down time, treatment is comfortable and safety, and there is no need to cool the skin with cooling gels or systems which cuts cost, time, and inconvenient mess. Also, the absence of a skin cooling mechanism means effective on very fair, more sensitive skin and even have a special application for dark skin.  Wonderland is uniquely qualified to provide for the needs of skin at every stage of life.

Perfect skin... with no telangiectasias, spider veins, , this is what your clients' dreams are made of. The treatments are gentle and yield rapid results. Perfection has never been this easy! dedicated skin care professionals work carefully with each patient to create the best solutions to suit anyone and everyone. Not only this but Wonderland provides many different services through proudly parnering with other great businesses.

专业绣发际线、纤绒眉 、 美瞳眼线、 自然水晶红唇、去除各种痣及雀斑和红蓝眉。。。。。。



1 Hour Pedicure for only $65


2 Hour Pedicure and Massage for just $165


Haircuts from just $45



Mon- Sun :

8:30am - 6:00 pm

17260 60th AVE
Surrey, BC
V3S 1T6
C: 778.953.4986 (text)
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